Parenting Toolbox

Parenting Toolbox

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This Kit Includes: 

Tough Guys and Drama Queens Curriculum Kit

Tough Guys and Drama Queens

Parenting Today's Teens- A Devotional for Dads

Developing Tules and Consequences

Prayers for My Teen


Tough Guys and Drama Queens Kit:

Parents of preteens and teens can move from scared to prepared with a new approach to parenting their adolescents. Parents of preteens intuitively know that no matter how good their kids are, there is turbulence ahead. Many feel lost and unprepared as they watch the damaging effects of culture collide with their child’s growing pains and raging hormones.

For over 35 years Mark Gregston has lived and worked with struggling teens and knows what it takes to reach them. He says, "A parent's success has little to do with either the validity of their words or their intent as messengers; it’s more about how they approach their child and engage with them."

This DVD-based study will explore what’s so different about today’s culture, why traditional parenting no longer works, and a new model for parenting teens. Foundational and practical, Tough Guys and Drama Queens DVD-Based Study answers the questions that parents are asking, helping them become the parents their children need them to be.

DVD Kit includes:

  • 9 teaching videos featuring author Mark Gregston
  • 1 copy of the Parent’s Guide
  • 1 copy of the Facilitator’s Handbook

Tough Guys and Drama Queens Book:

This book promises to help parents see that their success has little to do with either the validity of their words or their intent as the messengers. It's more about how parents approach their child, how they present a path through the jungle of negative influences, and how they engage with their child should they succumb to or become curious with the offerings of the world. Written from the crucible of experience, Tough Guys and Drama Queens was written to be the book that gives answers to the questions that parents are asking. It’s the voice of a reassuring friend who comes along side and prepares them for the bumpy ride. It’s the wise perspective that works.

Parenting Today's Teens  A Devotional for Dads:

This devotional helps parents maintain a biblical perspective as they face some of life’s most heart-wrenching challenges. Readers will find assurance and guidance as they wrestle with questions like these:

  • Why is our son acting this way?
  • What is our daughter so angry about?
  • Will our family ever enjoy being all together again?
  • How have we contributed to the problem, and how can we lead the way out?
  • What is the proper balance between tough love and total acceptance?

These short devotions are filled with Scripture and real-life examples of young people who have successfully emerged from serious struggles.

Developing Rules and Consequences Workbook:

Designed to help you successfully develop and implement your family boundaries, rules and the appropriate consequences. This exercise will pull your family together under a common banner of proper respect, discipline and expectations. You’ll learn how to create healthy rules and effective consequences and then properly communicate them to every member of the family.

Prayers for my Teen:

Parents of struggling teens know how to pray for their teen. Each one-page, heartfelt prayer in this book includes a verse of Scripture and focuses on an important issue for families in crisis. Parents will be empowered to pray with purpose, hope, and understanding as they pour out their hearts to God, maintain a perspective based on confidence and faith, and entrust their teens to His loving care.

Mark Gregston—popular speaker, author of When Your Teen Is Struggling, and founder and director of one of the nation’s leading Christian residential treatment facilities for troubled teens—has listened to, wept with, prayed with, and counseled hundreds of families. Now he offers practical help for parents who would cast their cares on God.