Curriculum Bundle

Curriculum Bundle

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MIDDLE SCHOOL - Tough Guys and Drama Queens

A 9-week video course is a must for any parent of middle schoolers and homeschoolers as this series is packed with wisdom and gives parents a vision of what they could be in the life of their teens, helping all viewers understand today's teen culture. Mark shares what " works" and what "doesn't" and shares throughout new tried and true ways to successfully engage with your little tough guy or drama queen. 

HIGH SCHOOL- Raising Teens in a Contrary Culture

This 9 lesson curriculum series is perfect for small groups, classes, community groups or groups of parents desiring to understand how to pursure the heart of their teen in an opposing culture that doesn't always support and back a parent's desire to raise godly teens in a confusing culture. 

GRANDPARENTS- Leaving a Legacy of Hope 

Grandparents have the opportunity to leave a legacy that will not soon be forgotten. For it is parents that influence, but it is grandparents who leave a legacy that offers hope and encouragement long after they're gone. A legacy is not just what you leave in your grandchild's bank account, but is measured by what you have deposited in their heart. This 8-week video series is a must for any grandparents.